Really Really Free Market Riverside

January Really Really Free Market

The next RRFM will be held at 1pm-5pm at Fairmount Park between the boathouse, theater and small playground on January 28th!!! 

the facebook event can be found here! —-»» «««——-

WE WANT YOU!!!: this free market we want musicians, people to give haircuts, or people to host any kind of activity (face-painting, nail-painting, etc). Give back and teach your talents to others. Message us on facebook! Or email us @

PLEASE (if you can) BRING: sweaters, jackets, scarves and blankets or sleeping bags to donate.
ALSO, our RRFM regulars asked for: socks, toilet paper and dog food.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE: Invite everyone you know, lets share the wealth and have our whole community here.

Please Repost, especially if you are in Riverside/Inland Empire/Southern California.

This Month of Decmber, we will be having Free Food I.E. serve yummy vegan food. They are seeking volunteers, Contact them @ Freefood IE :D

Free Food I.E. Facebook:

December Really Really FREE Market Facebook Event Page:

Please REPOST<3